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VMA & Partners Consulting offers services in the Field of Risk Management/ Information Security

VMA & Partners Consulting is an independent Risk Management/ Information Security specialised Company, which helps clients to uncover and mitigate risks with a material impact on the Company. A vast, international experience in the field coupled with passion, perseverance and willingness to give our clients best solutions, makes us to be a partner of choice. 

VMA & Partners Consulting Topics and Services will answer your questions: 

  • How do you know the protection needs of your Company? Our Shape-up Security service will help you. 
  • How do you know, that your Company's assets are well protected? Our Assets@Risk Assessments service will give you the answer.
  • How do you demonstrate that your Company's assets are well protected? Our Audit Readiness exercise will help you get ready and communicate effectively your results.  
  • Can you find the needle in a Haystack, when misuse occurs? Our Investigations service will do. 
  • How can you achieve best results fast? Our hands-on consulting in Specialized Fields will do it for you. 
  • How are you sure, you know all your critical risks? Employ our independent Second Opinion or "health-check" for your Company. 
  • How is your Client/ Personal Data protected? Start with compliance with FINMA RS 2008/ 21 Appendix 3 for Banks or your industry's regulation. We will provide you with full guidance along this Topic. 

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